When I am not in the classroom and the water is not hard, I like to get out and do some paddling. My favorite destinations for back country paddling are the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Quetico Provincial Park. Here are the itineraries and some selected images from trips I have taken:


1991 Quetico

Pickerel, Russell, Agnes, Hurlburt, Metacryst, Fred, Dore, Pickerel -- my first trip, woo-hoo! (some photos from this trip can be found on the 1997 trip page)

1993 BWCA

Lake 1 to Seagull by way of Knife Lake without meaning to -- also known as The Gumby Trip

1994 BWCA

Seagull, Knife, Thunder Point, Ottertrack, Cache Bay, American Point, Red Rock -- my spouse's first trip, woo-hoo!

1994 Quetico

Pickerel, Cub, Sturgeon, Chatterton Falls, Dore, Pickerel -- rain, wind, and a spectacular sunset

1995 BWCA

Brule, Winchell, Vista, Kiskadinna, Long Island, Temperance, Cherokee, Brule

1996 BWCA

Sawbill, Frost River, Little Sag, Polly, Phoebe River, Grace River -- a small rivers tour and my favorite trip to date

1997 Quetico

Beaverhouse, Quetico, Jean, Sturgeon, Kawnipi, Darky, Maligne River, Badwater -- an eleven day extravaganza with lots of pictographs

1998 BWCA

Round, Brant, Gillis, Little Sag, Crooked, Tuscarora, Round -- short and restful

1999 BWCA

Missing Link, Little Sag, Boulder, Kekakabic, Gabimichigami -- go to Boulder Lake, it's worth it
2000 Quetico

Nym, Sturgeon -- an epic trip (supposed to make our way down to the Falls Chain north of Cache Bay) completely destroyed by mud and gastrointenstinal upset (it *still* looks good on paper -- maybe next year)

2001 No Trip


2002 BWCA

Missing Link, Tuscarora, Little Sag, Kekekabic, Gabimichigami -- why did we get primo camping sites? because the flies drove everyone with common sense away! flies feed on caterpillars which feed on trees -- in the woods there was this background buzz of the flies, and beneath it you could hear the munching of the caterpillars, and also the pit-pat of caterpillar poop landing on leaves as it fell to the ground! simply amazing

2003 BWCA

Ham, Long Island, Kiskadinna -- quite a lot of rain, short and restful

2004 No Trip

Double D'oh!

2005 BWCA

Brule, Winchell, Omega -- cold and rainy and quite relaxing

2006 BWCA

Angleworm, Crooked, Lac La Croix, Agnes, Stuart River -- gotta like them 2 mile long portages...

2007 BWCA

Stuart River, Lac La Croix, Agnes, Stuart River -- even the second time around, gotta like them 2 mile long portages...

2008 No Trip

Triple D'oh!

2009 BWCA-Quetico

Moose, Prairie Portage, Agnes, Kawnipi, Falls Chain, Man Chain -- glorious, epic trip wherein I destroyed my right shoulder and elbow, but it was worth it

Our Old House

I don't know if I should call this an "interest" or another occupation. Though it is not ancient by historical standards, our house has needed some tender loving care. So...when I am not in the classroom and not out paddling around, chances are you can find me somewhere at home flailing away at some so-called home improvement project or another. To date, these projects have generally involved refurbishing our wood-framed, double hung windows. Taking my cue from the computer industry, I have named the projects by year:

  • Windows '96 -- stripping, reglazing, and repainting all 30 storms
  • Windows '97 -- stripping and repainting exterior windowframes on ground floor & rescreening about two-thirds of the windows
  • Windows '98 -- stripping and repainting exterior windowframes on upper floor and the garage (who else out there has seven (count 'em) windows on their garage not counting the ones on the doors?) & stripping and refinishing interior windowframes for the living room and dining room
  • Windows '99 -- stripping, reglazing, and repainting the basement windows & stripping and refinishing more interior windowframes & rescreening the other third of the windows
  • Windows '00 -- stripping & refinishing the six windows and other woodwork in our tiny little sunroom
  • Windows '01 -- turned into home remodeling instead
  • Windows '03 -- okay, this project had nothing to do with windows, but I stripped off the old shingles and put a new set on my garage
  • Windows '04 -- I made screens for my garage windows and one for the house that had been lost to history
  • Windows '07 -- the garage became too small to house the burgeoning boat collection so a nice boathouse was added (no lake was dug) -- and, oh yeah, a squirrel chewed its way into the attic which started me on the long-delayed stripping and repainting of dormers, soffits, and fascia boards starting at the peak on the front of the house whereby the squirrel entered
  • Windows '08 -- finished the second half of the dormers, soffits, and fascia board extravaganza
  • Windows '09 -- had the front porch railings sandblasted and primed, and then spent many unpleasant hours brushing on two coats of hideous-smelling oil-based enamel
First Project

First Project 1996: Eliminate the Cursed Red

Hanging Demonstration

Window Hanging Demonstration

Hanging Practice

Window Hanging Practice

Windows 04

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